• Louisiana Equine Council One voice...many breeds.
    One voice...many disciplines.
  • The Louisiana Equine Council's purpose isto promote and market Louisiana equines and the equine industry.
  • The Louisiana Equine Council's purpose isto develop and expand equine research and educational programs.
  • The Louisiana Equine Council's purpose isto encourage and facilitate the economic development of the equine industry.
  • The Louisiana Equine Council's purpose isto promote the safe use and enjoyment of equines.
  • The Louisiana Equine Council's purpose is to encourage youth development through involvement with equines.

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LEC Scrap Book

20150117 101151

2015 Annual Meeting - Members signing up for the new year

20150117 135219

2015 Annual Meeting - What a Crowd!!!

20150117 130109

2015 Annual Meeting - Silent Auction

20150117 123150

2015 Annual Meeting - Saddle Chipping

20150117 134114

2015 Annual Meeting -  Dressage Demonstraion

20150117 142801

2015 Annual Meeting -  Daniel Dauphin's Horsemanship Demonstration

20150117 160519

2015 Annual Meeting - Trailer Loading Demonstration

20140927 090219

2014 Saddle Up for St. Jude Benefit Trail Ride - LEC was a major sponsor

Wounded Soldier 003

Louisiana Wounded Warrior Fund Raiser - LEC was a major sponsor

10176225 755603227807552 2688584211272839013 n

Louisiana Equestrian Youth Day at the Capital

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Youth Roping Clinic at the 2014 LEC Horse Expo

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1932483 743846695649872 1316215558 n

Battle of the Breeds Winners (Quarter Horse Team) at the 2014 LEC Horse Expo

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Roping Clinic

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  • Membership Development

    horsecarriage Chairman: Howard Cormier

    Plans and implements membership drive and new member information and orientation. Reviews proposals for new member services and makes recommendations to the board to implement and monitor member services. Brings the message of the Council to the public and industry members. Encourages active memberships and publicizes efforts and accomplishments of the Council.

  • Education / Youth Development

    marewcolt Chairman: Open

    Provides general educational opportunities for equine owners through short courses and clinics including administering and promoting scholarship award programs. Youth organizations such as FFA, 4-H, US Pony Club, Breed Associations, etc. benefit from council assisted programs representing youth interest at the local, state and national level.

  • Equine Welfare Health

    horsefence Chairman: Ruby Halter

    Addresses welfare issues within the state's equine community that will positively affect the quality and performance of equines in a variety of areas including emergency disaster response, slaughter, safe transportation and rescue. Informs the horse industry of disease problems through continuing education formats. Maintains media contact to alert and inform equine owners about health issues and special events.

  • Trails, Land Use, and Zoning

    horseshoe Chairman: Peggy Bianchi

    Works to protect and expand the network of open lands available for trail riding. Provides an interactive forum between legislators, trail organizations and government and private agencies to preserve, improve and expand areas for equestrian recreation, land use and zoning.

  • Legislative and Governmental Affairs

    horsegrazing Chairman: Daniel Lyons

    Works to influence legislation and agency regulations for the benefit of the horse industry and horse owners in all areas pertaining to equine activities, welfare, land and trail use.

  • Marketing and Promotion

    horsechild Chairman: Daniel Lyons

    Works to promote the horse industry as a whole within the state of Louisiana.

  • Facilities

    horsestableChairman: Bill Bunton 

    Seeks to maintain a dialog between horse facilities in the state and groups who use them, and keeps a current list of all equine facilities statewide.

  • Equine Assisted Programs

    horsechild Co-Chairmans: Dixie Bunton and Heather Dionne

    Educates the public in the benefits of equine assisted activities (therapeutic riding and driving). Encourages quality program standards and supports existing and new centers through clinics, educational programs and mentoring. Informs horse owners of the benefits of a "second career" for their horse in a therapeutic riding program.

  • Finance, Budget, and Grants

    horsewhite Chairman: Dixie Bunton

    Oversees the Council's financial resources including investments and manages monthly, annual and long-range budgetary needs. Receives committee budget requests and submits proposed annual budgets to Board of Directors. Monitors financial contracts and grants. Recommends and reviews financial policies for the Council. Reviews audited and unaudited financial reports and reports findings to the Board of Directors.

  • Newsletter and Website

    horseshoekid Newsletter Chairman: Traci Benoit
    Website Chairman: Richard Hebert

    Facilitates Louisiana Equine Council's (LEC) communication of news and useful information through quarterly membership newsletters, board e-news, and by maintaining a dynamic and current website.

  • Nominations and Board Development

    horsecarriage Chairman: Daryl Schouest

    Provides nomination guidelines, smooth board transitions, and execution of nominations.

  • Annual Meeting

    marewcolt Chairman: Dixie Bunton

    Organizes annual meeting, overseeing location, events and publicity of meeting.

  • Horse Fair Exposition

    horsegrazing Chairman: Dr. Clint Depew

    Organizes annual meeting, overseeing location, events and publicity of Expo.

  • Louisiana Equine Council(LEC)By-Laws

    horsefenceChairman: Howard J. Cormier 

    Manages and maintains current Louisiana Equine Council (LEC) bylaws.